Andrist Ent.
         Demolition, Excavation, land Clearing Contractor

In business for 35 years.

Demolition, Excavation, Land Clearing, etc.

If you need a structure demolished and removed, consider Andrist Ent. for your job. We've done all sizes including small sheds, houses, commercial and municipal buildings as well as schools. We also offer excavation and land clearing services. We can remove one tree or a grove/orchard of them. We do field mowing and materials hauling, and have end dump trailers, 32, 60, and 100 yard sizes. The picture to the right is our 60 yard trailer.  

Building demolition including concrete and asphalt.

Any type or size of residential and commercial structures from small sheds to large buildings including apartments and schools.
Land Clearing & Abatement

Trees and all debris.

We remove trees and clear land of all kinds of debris, including tires, wood, metal, concrete, rocks, etc. We also clean up properties that have been neglected or abandoned.

Trenching any width from 12" up, leveling, gravel driveways

We do treching and backfill, sub surface test pits for Geo Tech., site preparation,  culverts, driveways and parking areas, etc.
Featured Projects

Treching and backfilling

Andrist Ent. dug and backfilled approx. 3.25 miles of 2' wide by 4' deep trench for Benton PUD to facilitate installation of over 17,000 feet of 3 phase, high voltage cable.

Land clearing and property clean up

These before and after pictures show a project Andrist Ent. did in Pasco WA. It was a very dense, overgrown forest that had been let go for many decades. We went in and cleared the dead trees and brush in order to keep vagrants from building fires in the thick vegetation.
These before and after pictures show an abatement project Andrist Ent. did on a hoarders property. The residential lot sized property was completely inundated with trash, debris and junk. We went in and completely cleaned up the property and removed everything.